Modded Packages PS4/PS5

Bundles of GTA V Cash, Level, Properties for your existing account.

GTA V Regular Modded Pack
Legacy Package GTA V
GTA Online Cool Modded Package

Looking for Money for your Existing Account?

Service Requirements

GTA$200K, 2-Step Verification On + Backup Codes, PS Plus (Existing Account)

Service Description

GTA 5 modded packages for PS4/PS5: Give yourself a big advantage

Ever wondered why GTA 5 is so adrenaline-filled? That’s because the game has a whole world of fascinating features, missions, and objects to interact with.
But if you’re strapped for GTA$ or grind at the lowest ranks, these are the things you can only dream about. Stop playing in a pedestrian way with NergeticModding GTA 5 modded packages for PS4 and PS5!
Choose from Regular, Legacy, and Cool Packs to bring long-awaited unlocks to your existing GTA 5 account. These bundles contain up to 300 million GTA$, mobile command units, and exclusive properties – all while taking you up to Rank 120.

Once you’re boosted up the level ladder, you’ll also get access to rank-related unlocks, including customizations, new armor slots, weapons, and more. Our modding packages for GTA 5 are best for busy players and those who only start their criminal journeys in Los Santos. Not only do they help you leapfrog the most tedious parts, but they also make you more competitive in the multiplayer mode. If you want to uncover a secret to staying alive and well in GTA 5, select a modded package that works for you.

The safest GTA 5 Online package boost to get

Nothing is at stake when you get your gaming experience boosted with NergeticModding. Our modding packages for GTA 5 come with a ban warranty that covers all potential account suspensions. So, if you appear to suffer from sanctions after using our service, we will: provide you with a new GTA 5 account for PS4/PS5 implement the same mods in your new account for free make sure you aren’t banned again It takes only 1-3 days to deliver a GTA 5 Online package boost to your account. Kick things off with the Pack of your choice!