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Should You Buy Account Boost or Modded Account?

It depends on your existing account’s current state and your personal preferences. If you don’t have an existing account or you want to buy a brand new account and start again, then a new GTA Online Modded Account is the way,

GTA V Modded Accounts are generally considered to be safe however there’s always a small risk. That’s why it’s very important that you purchase from a reputable seller like NergeticModding or CriminalModz. Combined, we have more than 10,500 exceptional reviews and more than 7 years experience in the industry.

That really depends on the platform you buy for.

  • If you buy a Modded Account for any platform, you will receive the login credentials by e-mail as soon as your order is completed. 
  • If you purchase an Account Boost for PS4 or PS5 you will be requested to give us login credentials access to your account and afterwards at least 4 of your 2FA backup codes. 
  • Finally, an Account Boost PC order gets delivered way easier, with just your Social Club E-Mail, Password and disabled 2fa access.

Normal Modded Accounts usually come with cash & level and a few properties. However Modded Accounts sold on NergeticModding & CriminalModz come with way more options, such as big amounts of GTA V Cash, up to 8000 level and a big range of unlocks. Whether that be Fast Run, Modded Outfits, or Rare Clothing & Tattoos, our accounts have it all!