About Us

NergeticModding was established in back in December 2019 with the vision of offering unique GTA 5 Modding Services.
Our goal is to provide same-day delivery, cheapest prices on the market while offering quality customer service at the same time.


Our Account Boost services can help you “boost” your current account’s balance. Whether that be GTA V Money, Level or Unlocks such as Max Stats, Los Santos Customs features and much more.
You can purchase a boost with only a few clicks. Select your desired product, enter your account & billing information, complete the payment and we will take care of everything else and inform you as soon as we’re done. It’s that easy.


Have you recently been banned? Do you just want a fresh start? Maybe you are new to the world of GTA Online and you want to jump start your career. Our GTA V Modded Accounts are here to solve this issue. Browse a wide range of accounts that either come with low, medium or big amount of cash. The GTA Online Modded Accounts also include Level and properties and facilities such as nightclubs, motorcycle clubs, bunker facilities, penthouses and much more. Our accounts are genuine, which means that we create them from the bottom all the way to the top so you receive access to the email, therefore transfer the ownership of the account to yourself.


We believe that you, as the customer, should not be worrying about risking your account and losing all of your progress just because you want to progress further without spending a fortune on sharkcards.
That’s why, we have made a flexible and free guarantee. The way it works is the following: In the 1% scenario of getting suspended, we will compensate you with a brand new account, with the service applied again, free of charge. This way you can purchase any service from our website, with peace of mind.